Siraj Chokshi

I'm a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying the intersections of computer science, cognitive psychology and design. I am primarily interested in user interface, user experience and human computer interaction, but also have experience with with frontend development, web design and application development. Take a look at my



Music Streaming User Interface

An interface for a music streaming app concept made with user experience improvements over other apps.

Case Study

Financial App User Interface

A concept for a financial app design combining a transaction management system, stock portfolio and card database.

Case Study

Delineated Theme

A simple HTML5/CSS3 portfolio theme for artists. Features include a JavaScript lightbox, landing page and customizable theme color.

Source Demo

File Viewer

Detail-orientated and user-focused splash screen for an iOS file viewer with light and dark theme versions.

Case Study


A CSS library that correctly fills in color for all icons in the FontAwesome brands icon set.

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Branding/Logo Design

A collection of projects, including logos and iconography, for various clients.

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Flow Painter

A web app that allows users to draw flowcharts, currently incomplete. View progress at the GitHub repository.


Studio Theme

A free Bootstrap theme that functions as a one-page, easy-to-implement landing page template for products and services.

Source Demo

SMM 2 Idea Generator

A web app which generates ideas for Super Mario Maker 2 levels. Includes smart randomization of themes and prompts.

Source Demo