Siraj Chokshi — Projects, Repositories & Extras

✔ JavaScript Form Validation

An HTML5/Javascript based form. The requirements are made with input modifier and type strings. Some JQuery is used for aesthetic purposes.

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🎨 Studio Theme

A free Bootstrap theme that functions as a one-page, easy-to-implement landing page template for products and services.

Repository Demo

🖍 BrandColors.CSS

Stop looking for that specific HEX, HSL or RGB code. This CSS library contains color codes for all icons in the FontAwesome Brands set.

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🚂 Switchers

A simple website featuring a parallax scrolling effect informs readers about train switchers/shunters.

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🚚 Self-Driving Trucks

Website designed in 2016 describing advancements in the self driving trucking industry and the costs of automation.

Repository Website

📁 Dotfiles

A group of config/dotfiles I use in my computer setup. Includes config files for zsh, hyper.js, chunkwm and skhd.